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Why Include A Drone Surveys?

  • Generate More Leads

    Increase interest on your property and stand out from the competition.
  • Access Inaccessible Places

    Drones can cover any location even the ones deemed impossible
  • Time Saving

    Takes less than half the time needed compared to traditional surveys.
  • Planning Friendly

    Avail detailed wire mesh, levels and contours for planning designs or location analysis

Digitized Road Surveys

Our drones are meant to explore places that are often deemed difficult by most road surveyors. With drone surveys, one can expect detailed imagery in an efficient and safer manner. It’s crucial to understand the geographical layout before setting the route for highways and roads. Surpassing the traditional process of road inspections, drone surveys develop a comprehensive 3D model of the site by merging surface data with terrain model, digital images and point tools.

Data Acquisition

Our data acquisition system consists of a firm plan including design of the drone’s flight with the right precision of the camera and various LiDAR Systems. Aerial data acquisition enables an efficient way of data capture, especially across challenging regions. Acquiring accurate details in a much shorter time span while comprising less equipment and minimal workforce.

Contour Generation

Contouring is one of the known ways to map and estimate the measurements of terrains, through lines that connect points of equal elevation. Contour mapping helps identifying the nature and suitability of a region for a project. It is simplified through topography maps and contour lines, resulting in easier estimation of required earthwork for civil engineering projects like roadways, mines, railways and more.

  • Drone for Planning & Marketing
  • Drone for Aerial Imaging
  • Aerial Imaging For Post-Production
  • Location Videos
  • Drone for site planning.
  • Turbine Blade Inspection
  • Drones For Sporting Events
  • Photomontages
  • Verified Views
  • Topographic mapping services
  • 360 panorama

I Need Drone Services, So What’s Next?

feel free to contact us and ask. We will provide you with the best prices, details, and staff implement drone services in your project or business operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide scriptwriting services?

Yes we do. However, we also work for clients who already have a script

How long does a video take to be produced?

Beginning from scripting to editing, it takes us about 15 days to provide the rough cut, although time may vary depending on certain factors like style and concept.

Who will possess the ownership of the delivered output?

The client does, but we own a copy as well for marketing purposes.

What kind of videos do you make?

Our expertise lies in corporate videos, Pre Wedding films, 2D explainer videos, 3D walkthroughs and more, but we love to keep challenging ourselves with unique client needs and topics.

How do I get started?

All you need to do is give us a call or fill up the contact form. From there on we can fix a meeting over some nice coffee and take things further.

How much do you charge for a project?

No two projects are the same. Similarly, our charges vary for each project depending on the level of efforts, customization and size of the property.

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