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Bentley MicroStation

Bentley MicroStation allows you to transform your 2D GIS data into amazing 3D models. Bentley’s software helps to improve your architectural planning and design. The numerous tools of 3D modeling available with MicroStation are much easy to use and permit delivery of data-driven BIM-ready models. When your designs and models are created with Bentley’s BIM applications, a comprehensive, multidiscipline BIM model can be created backed by suitable documentation. Professionals working in team get a common sharing platform and can communicate easily with each other thereby maintaining integrity of data.


What does Bentley MicroStation offer?

MicroStation offers five important domains.

  1. Automated Deliverables: It allows to create and share your project related documents including drawing sheets, schedules, models, visualizations, etc. automatically.
  2. Reality Modeling: This enables you to integrate your context data of designs including reality meshes, images, point clouds, GIS data, Revit and other models, DWG files, external data sources like Bing maps, etc.
  3. Intrinsic Geo-coordination: This allows you to work in intrinsic geo-coordinated environment thereby designing BIM models in precise geographic and geometric context.
  4. Functional Components : Develop 3D designs for advanced design modeling. These components help control the 2D and 3D constraints and allows accurate capturing and model designing.
  5. Hypermodeling: This provides deeper insight into designs in 3D form that integrates annotated documentation into 3D models.


What we do?

Nine Exposures is successfully serving the Infrastructure and Architectural sector from the last decade. Apart from producing architectural and industrial media, we have been delivering high quality services including, but not limited to, drone surveys, digitized road surveys, data acquisition, contour generation, 3D Reality Modeling and much more. Nine Exposures is Authorized Reseller of Bentley MicroStation and its Reality modelling suite of softwares namely ContextCapture, PoinTools, Descartes, LumenRT & Maps.

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